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My addiction in life is books (with chocolate a close run second). I am a solidly confirmed convert to Ebooks - not because I dislike paper, "real" books, but because they take up less space! I have literally run out of room in my small, 2.5 bed UK terrace to store any more books - and I think if I carried on buying books for me AND the children... divorce would ensue! I can't promise to keep this blog up to date - reading takes priority! I can promise variety, and honesty.

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Cursed (#1 Voodoo Nights) - Lizzy Ford *I received a free advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for a fair, honest review*

Adrienne is a talented young girl dealing with numerous problems in her life ranging from the mundane financial problems most have to deal with, to the supernatural curse she has inherited - though no one knows why. Her life becomes entwined with that of two others affected by curses brought upon them by ancestors and the ensuing chaos is a tumbling, twisting tale of love, betrayal and courage.

Not surprisingly the central thread to the tale is Voodoo, with vivid descriptions of rituals. As a practising catholic this at times made me a little uneasy but that is a personal observation rather than a criticism to the book.

I was a little disappointed in how quickly this tale was wrapped up, and how many threads were left hanging. I appreciate that this is the first in a planned series but it felt a little like the author suddenly realised this 95% of the way in and quickly wrapped up this book in order to continue with the true story. Also I found the editing sadly lacking. As stated above I did read an advanced reading e-copy so this may be corrected before general release. The main issue was the confusion in where Addy is from which prevents easy reading at times as I was flicking back to check where the story was based, New Orleans or Atlanta.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this story which drew me in but the quick ending and poor editing spoilt the experience and consequently reduce the star rating.