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My addiction in life is books (with chocolate a close run second). I am a solidly confirmed convert to Ebooks - not because I dislike paper, "real" books, but because they take up less space! I have literally run out of room in my small, 2.5 bed UK terrace to store any more books - and I think if I carried on buying books for me AND the children... divorce would ensue! I can't promise to keep this blog up to date - reading takes priority! I can promise variety, and honesty.

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A wonderful read with a bit of learning

A Discovery of Witches  - Deborah Harkness

I took an inordinate length of time to come round to reading ADOW.  I had looked at the book a number of times but the description of the book just didn't quite do it for me.  


When I eventually did read it, I couldn't put it down.  The story line is enveloping and draws you into the world of Diana and Matthew whilst the sheer knowledge of the author who is a historian gives this fictional story and wealth of depth which has only been enriched further through a real-time reading exercise she leads via Facebook, which is where I got the photo below from.



The story itself is about a witch descended from one of the witches of Salem who is in denial of her heritage.  Although she is aware of the world of creatures, her Aunt is a witch and she can identify daemons and vampires at a glance, she chooses not to use her powers.  All this changes, though not by choice when Diana comes across a very special book in her research as a historian of science - more specifically alchemy.  


As the author, Deborah Harkness, is in real-life a lecturer of European history and the history of science at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, the historical elements to the book have a reality that could otherwise have been lacking.  However, the realism adds to the texture of the book rather than making the details dry.  


When Diana encounters 'the book', she also meets a vampire, Matthew it is at this point that her life starts changing.  


The journey you travel on with Matthew and Diana is an exciting tide of emotion which pulls you along and enthrals the reader.  


Very definitely recommend!