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My addiction in life is books (with chocolate a close run second). I am a solidly confirmed convert to Ebooks - not because I dislike paper, "real" books, but because they take up less space! I have literally run out of room in my small, 2.5 bed UK terrace to store any more books - and I think if I carried on buying books for me AND the children... divorce would ensue! I can't promise to keep this blog up to date - reading takes priority! I can promise variety, and honesty.

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The Final Formula

The Final Formula - Becca Andre I personally found the start a little slow, which is why I only rated this a four, but that is completely justified as without the initial groundwork the rest of the book would have crumbled. Once the scenario was set the story was fast paced and well written.

Addie (short for Addled Alchemist) is a strong willed, intelligent young women with one major problem - she has no memory of her past, apart from alchemical formula, hence her new found name. The tale follows the adventures she endures in the bid to regain her memory, with the help of her new found friends, including a rather forbidding dog who has his own secrets and a formidable (yet enticingly 'hot') elemental lord.

The book was a pleasure to read. Despite being a first novel and self published (to my knowledge), the editing was excellent with few, if any typo's or grammatical errors which spoil the reading experience for me and is often my only criticism of self published works.

As I stated, at first I found it a little difficult to get wrapped up in this tale but once I had been reeled in... well it was 2am when I put my book down, reluctantly!