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Variety is the Spice of Life

My addiction in life is books (with chocolate a close run second). I am a solidly confirmed convert to Ebooks - not because I dislike paper, "real" books, but because they take up less space! I have literally run out of room in my small, 2.5 bed UK terrace to store any more books - and I think if I carried on buying books for me AND the children... divorce would ensue! I can't promise to keep this blog up to date - reading takes priority! I can promise variety, and honesty.

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A Fall of Water (Elemental Mysteries #4)
Elizabeth Hunter
The Draykon Series Omnibus (Draykon, #1-3)
Charlotte E. English

Forged in Blood I (The Emperor's Edge, #6)

Forged in Blood I (The Emperor's Edge, #6) - Lindsay Buroker What a cliff hanger! I've been very impressed with Lyndsey's wold building and ability to draw the reader into the characters lives. In a strange way I can't wait until August but don't want to it to be released at the same time - another good series comes to an end. Definitely recommend.